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The purpose of the library user group is to form collaborative relationships and share expertise relative to library and information services among Trumbull and Ashtabula County library/media professionals.  Each meeting offers access to new library-related resources and information.  Specific agendas are tailored to each unique meeting.  You can view previous meetings here.

This workshop focuses on library circulation and cataloging statistic reports (such as Value of Collection report, Age of Collection report, New Titles report, Donated items – funding source report, Monthly Circulation Statistics report, Circulation Statistics by Grade report, Items with Highest Circulation in School Year report, and other selected reports).

This training session will cover how to change salary schedules using the SALARY program. We will also go over how to use the NEWCNT program and printing salary notices.

These sessions will cover how to enter marks for courses that are on a student’s schedule that will not have grades entered by a teacher in your building (example:  Post Secondary/ESC classes), calculating GPA SETS and reviewing what courses are factoring into a student’s GPA, viewing a student’s Course History (COHI) and manually adding courses/marks to COHI.  Graduation Eligibility will also be discussed as well as how to generate transcripts and the ranking report.

These sessions will cover next year’s Master Schedule and how to mass simulate/ schedule students into sections.  All pre-scheduling including student requests must be complete prior to attending this in-service.  Sessions will include hands-on classroom instruction followed by work sessions, if necessary.

This class will cover an overview of the EIS Inventory system and how to enter data and run reports


EMIS Alliance training for EMIS Coordinators to learn how to understand the data presented on the Where Kids Count Report.

These sessions are for EMIS Coordinators and Treasurers.  Each session will focus on the FTE, SFPR, and preschool reports.

These sessions will be dedicated to helping principals or their designees set up their roster verification environments.  Principals in each building will want to register for ONE of these training sessions if they believe they need help with the process.

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